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Shepherd Rams offensive player number 8 makes a big play - shaking off 3 defenders.


Wide photo of Cumberland Personal Best Athletics storefront from the parking lot.
Retail island of merchandise holding up boxes of shoes, handing sock displays, and folded shirts.
Raised display of stylish shoes of varying brands along with the accompanying box behind them in the Cumberland store.

Cumberland Store

Our original store nestled in The Narrows in Cumberland.

Hours: Monday - Friday | 9am - 5pm

10309 National Hwy SW, Cumberland, MD 21502

Country Club Mall window display from the Personal Best store showing basketballs, footballs, socker balls, and branded local high school clothing hanging in the window.
Lit glass display case of quality Fox brand hats. A few blue hats with white/gray Fox logos and a few gray hats with colored logos.
Storefront view of the Personal Best store in the country club mall. The Personal Best signage is in view. The window is full of Fox apparel and behind it other sporting apparel can be seen. Across from the store is a sign for F.Y.E.

Country Club Mall Store

Our newest store located inside the Country Club Mall.

Hours: Monday - Saturday | 11am - 7pm, Sunday 12pm - 6pm

1262 Vocke Rd, Cumberland, MD 21502

Patuxent high school football team charges across a grass football field together. The player in front leading the charge holds a large black flag with a lime-green paw print on it.

Fueling Local Sports for 32 Years

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Family Owned

— Serving The Community Since 1992

Personal Best is a family operated and owned business that has been servicing the Tri-State area and more since 1992. We operate a retail sales floor as well as our team sporting goods and corporate sales.

You can shop all name brands at Personal Best and choose from a variety of services from Screen Printing, Sublimation, Embroidery, Laser Engraving, and many more options. We have the solution for your team or businesses looking to brand your logo and look your best!